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  • Attaching a Gazebo to Cement ThriftyFun

    We have one of those Gazebos on our back patio as well. My husband doesn't want to drill holes into the stamped colored concrete either. My husband said he is going to get 4 pails/pots, paint them up nicely like my flower pots, place the four corner poles, one in each pot, and pour cocrete mix in around the pole in the pot.

  • Carport on Sloped Driveway-How to Install A Sloping

    How to install a DIY carport on sloped driveway? Check out this unique solution to a sloping driveway at a backyard in California, USA. Two things you should remember when installing a sloping shelter: 1. design the carport to the highest point of the slope 2.concrete the posts directly into the ground.

  • Leveling Existing Concrete Patio for Drainage The Home

    Hello - I am planning a DIY project to screen in my existing and covered concrete patio. During rainstorms the patio collects some water thereby forming puddles since there is not a good slope to allow for drainage.

  • Anchoring a pergola to a sloped slab Fine Homebuilding

    I would do it one of two ways, both using the same simpson deck post fastener the ones that sit on concrete piers with an expansion bolt that goes into the slab and nail to the bottom of the posts .

  • How to Slope a Concrete Patio for Drainage

    Sloping your patio properly will ensure that the concrete surface has the proper drainage capacity. Step 1 - Gather Your Materials The exact materials that you'll need for this project depend somewhat on your patio and the state of construction.

  • How to Anchor a Gazebo to Concrete Hunker

    A gazebo gives your yard an extra sense of charm and whimsy. However, improperly anchoring the gazebo can turn a functional addition into a construction disaster. There are a number of different ways to anchor gazebos, but concrete is one of the most reliable. If you plan to put your gazebo in an

  • Cost to Lay a Stamped Concrete Patio

    How much does it cost to lay a stamped concrete patio? Laying a stamped concrete patio is a great way to make your backyard more attractive and add extra leisure space. Stamped concrete is made to look like many other paver materials, such as natural stone, ashlar, granite, or brick.

  • How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio The Family

    How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio. Install the deck boards just as you would on a standard deck. When you reach the end of the patio, position the last board, mark the overhanging sleepers and trim off the excess. How to Build a Gazebo. Build a Stone Patio or Brick Patio. 10 Best Small Patio Ideas.

  • How to Bolt a Gazebo to a Stone Patio Hunker

    Align the tip of the masonry drill bit onto one of the pencil marks that you placed earlier on the surface of the stone patio, pull the trigger of the hammer drill and drill a hole to the depth specified by the concrete installation instructions.

  • How to Install Pavers Over a Concrete Patio Without Mortar

    Before you begin, make sure your concrete is properly sloped and doesnt puddle. Keep this drainage slope in mind when adding your pavers, and make sure the edge that drains water stays low and permeable. Edging: Like any other type of installation, a concrete slab paver patio needs to be firmly edged, to keep the sand and pavers from

  • How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio The Family

    How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio. The sleepers dont have to be level and dash;they can follow the slope of your patio. But they do need to form a flat plane. If your patio is in good shape, youll get a flat plane automatically. Install the deck boards just as you would on a standard deck. When you reach the end of the patio

  • How to make pergola footings level with each other??

    I'm constructing a pergola on a brick patio. The 4 corner posts won't be on the patio itself; I'm going to remove bricks in the corners and pour 18" concrete footings.

  • Installing Tub On Sloped Patio

    The patio where I want to install my tub is purposely sloped away from the house for drainage. I know the tub needs to be perfectly level. My patio poured concrete slopes away from the house very slightly, but enough for me to notice 1/2" in 8 feet or so. Installing Tub On Sloped Patio Theme .

  • Anchoring a pergola to a sloped slab Fine Homebuilding

    Hi. Does anyone have a suggestion for anchoring the four vertical oriented corner 6X6 posts for a pergola roughly 14 ft L x 8 ft W x 9ft H I am to help a homeowner build on his existing sloped concrete slab?

  • Installing a gazebo on graded sloped patio stones

    The patio that I want to install my gazebo on is graded for drainage 5 inches over 16 feet . If I install the gazebo, it will look 'tilted' like the Installing a gazebo on graded sloped patio stones - Forums

  • How to Install Pavers on Unlevel Ground Home Guides SF

    Few lawns provide a completely level place for you to install a patio or walkway made out of landscape pavers. Some slope is desirable, because it allows for drainage.

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