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  • Pontoon Boat vs. Deck Boat Boating Focused

    Pontoon Boat vs. Deck Boat Pontoon boats and deck boats were built for essentially the same purpose to provide a place for a group of people to hang out on the water. The differences between the two are not that great, and some say the differences are fading away.

  • Pontoon Boats vs. Deck Boats

    A pontoon boat trying to reach the same speed as a deck boat will require more fuel to do so; however, pontoons are much more fuel-efficient overall. The downside of the fiberglass v-hull comes from its central axis, which leads the boat to rock with wind, waves, or movement of the passengers on the boat.

  • Aluminum Pontoon vs Fiberglass Deck Boating Magazine

    Hurricane deck boats have long used the same running surface, working with a wide, shallow V akin to a cathedral-style hull that tapers to 12.5 degrees of deadrise at the transom. The result is a boat that planes quickly with minimal bowrise our test boat planed in 3.3 seconds and offers stability similar to that of a pontoon.

  • Buying a Pontoon Boat or a Deck Boat? Discover Boating

    Similarly, the deck boat concept really started in 1974 when a company called Hurricane started building a fiberglass V-style hull to add better performance and handling, but still retain the a pontoon-style topside and wide-open floor plan that people loved so much about pontoons. It was so popular, in fact, that the first deck boat called

  • Deck boat vs pontoon

    The deck boats look a lot better than most pontoons,but the pontoons hold more stuff and people for the same sized deck boat. Get a pontoon with a 150HP plus motor,plus a Tritoon is GREAT for water sports.

  • Pontoon Vs Deck Boats

    In this first video, I share my thoughts on Pontoon Vs. Deck boats to guide you even as you make decisions on the right boat to buy or use for your fishing and adventure.

  • Deck Boat Vs Pontoon What Are the Differences? Nada Blue Book, Nada

    A pontoon boat is comprised of at least two or three cylinders called Pontoons, which attach to the underneath of a vast rectangular flat deck.

  • If given a choice: Pontoon versus Deck boat? The United States

    Yep, about the only real advantage of a deck boat over a pontoon boat is that the deck boat can get up on plane, ergo, it can run at higher speeds than a pontoon boat. Since a pontoon boat uses displacement hull the toons are considered as displacement hulls, they do cut through the water easier without needing much force, but a pontoon is

  • 'Toons vs. decks Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine

    Deck boats, in contrast, were the shiny, more expensive, more powerful boat with a little less comfort and seating capacity than a pontoon. Much has changed. With the addition of performance-enhancing features such as three logged pontoons and lifting strakes, pontoons now can rival or even exceed the performance of some deck boats.

  • deck boat vs. pontoon boat?

    I am new to boating and would like to get some opinions on how deck boats compare to pontoon boats. I will be using the boat in the Bay at Ocean City. I like the amount of room that pontoon boats have, but some deck boats that I have looked at online seem to have plenty of room also, such as the

  • Pontoon vs Deck boat Page: 1

    Re: Pontoon vs Deck boat i love my pontoon but if it is just going to be 6 of yall then you dont need a ton that big i love the deck boats also. if you like to ski more i would get the deck boat cause skiing behind my pon toon is great but it has no wake to jump. the deck boat that my oncle has is a 21 with a 140 suzuki and it is a great boat. now if your going to load it down and cruise

  • Deck Boat vs Pontoon Boat

    Deck Boat vs Pontoon Boat: Summary Purchase a deck boat if you want to have an attractive look on the exterior and a smooth ride. Get a pontoon boat if you want plenty of space for standing and activities such as grilling.

  • Deck Boat Vs Pontoon What Are the Differences? Nada

    A pontoon boat is comprised of at least two or three cylinders called Pontoons, which attach to the underneath of a vast rectangular flat deck.


    However, given the choice of a perhaps 26' pontoon, vs. same size with a Deck Boat, 22 degree bottom, fast and sporty, I'm going for the Deck Boat. To me, in comparison, the pontoon boat is boring. You make good points though.

  • Pontoon or Deck Boat? How They Compare in 4 Key Areas

    A deck boat also has plenty of space, but its less ergonomic than that of a pontoon boat. This means that its meant more for simply having people on board, and not necessarily for having them socialize with one another.

  • Deck Boat vs Pontoon boat

    Re: Deck Boat vs Pontoon boat If it is going to be used in salt water, go with a deck boat for sure. If it is going to be fresh water only, there are pontoon boats that will fit your needs.

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