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  • Carpark Decking

    The car park serving Andovers Chantry Centre has recently undergone a refurbishment using Don Construction Products' coating systems to provide improved appearance for customers. The plain, drab concrete surfaces have been transformed by the use of high-performance coatings to soffits, columns and some decks to create a lighter, brighter and

  • Car Park Decking Systems

    Deckmasters flexible System R car park decking solution has been tested by BRE in accordance with BSEN1504-2: Surface protection products as a coating for use as ingress protection 1.3 and physical resistance 5.1 .

  • Fosroc Solutions for Car Park Decking

    Roof car park deck protection designed with flexible system to protect against ingress of water, withstand thermal movements, UV resistance, high-abrasion and slip-resistance for safe vehicular traffic movements.

  • Superior Car Park Deck Coatings Deckshield Flowcrete

    Deckshield Rapide ED is a solvent free methyl methacrylate car park deck coating system which provides a colourful crack bridging, waterproof wearing surface for use over exposed decks of multi-storey car parks. Deckcoat EP.

  • Car Park Decking Systems

    The car park is a key interface between your customers and your business or organisation. A well maintained car park with an attractive, well laid out deck can therefore have a major impact on performance and profitability.

  • Protective Car Park Vehicle Decking, Colourful

    Ideal for exposed car park decking the protective car park vehicle decking, with colourful and clear delineation, is a flexible solvent-free polyurethane car park coating system. It offers a colourful crack bridging, waterproof wearing surface for multi-storey and exposed decks.

  • Car Park Decking

    Car Park Decking. Well maintained parking areas and footpaths are a key to attracting customers. Studies have shown that cleanliness ranks as one of the top factors in determining where people shop.

  • Carpark Decking Carpark Coverings Carpark Coatings

    Carpark Decking The only high performance waterproofing system that fully matches the demanding requirements for carpark decking and can be applied in double quick time. Unique Resins's carpark decking solution is a high performance, fast-setting waterproofing system that protects concrete, timber, masonry and steel structures from

  • Resin Flooring Car Park Decking

    Car Park Decking As a Flowcrete Deckshield Licensed contractor, we can supply and install the full range of Deckshield car park resin systems. Deckshield cosmetically enhances car parks, creating lighter, safer enviroments, whilst providing a crack bridging, waterproof wearing surface.

  • Car Park Decking and Waterproofing

    Car park decking and waterproofing finishes should be designed to offer outstanding longevity and maintain asset value. Modern surfacing systems should be able to withstand heavy traffic and the extremes of weather, whilst also protecting the structure from water and chloride ion ingress.

  • Exposed Deck Car Park Waterproofing Flooring Solutions

    Exposed top decks of car parks prove the most complex when it comes to car park flooring. The system needs to be resistant to regular vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic whilst providing a waterproof layer to the structure prevent water ingress to lower parking decks or facilities on lower floors.

  • Top Deck Parking

    TopDeck is your solution to overcome capacity problems and to create a truly bespoke modular car park that is designed specifically for your needs whilst complying with the relevant building regulations and legislation.

  • Car Park Decking

    Car Park Decking acCfl000r1NGadusr T13:40:27 00:00 We offer a flexible, waterproof car park decking solution for both intermediate and exposed car park decks and ramps. Our car park offer can be installed on new build and refurbishment projects.


    Practical and attractive car park decking Veitchi Industrial Flooring understands that car parks are subject to demanding environmental and wear conditions. As such we are well placed to provide the correct solution for each individual circumstance.

  • Car Park Decking

    Car Park Decking Deckshield car park protection systems have been designed to meet contemporary requirements for upmarket car park environments, helping to enhance visual appearance , improve light reflectivity, reduce noise from tyre squeal and prevent water ingress into any car parking structure

  • Fosroc Solutions for Car Park Decking

    Car Park Decking. Leader in delivering Constructive Solutions Worldwide systems to safeguard multi-storey car park structures, providing a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution. A total solution poxy floor screed Trafficguard intermediate coat High build PU blend flexible coating 0.4 mm

  • Car Park Construction Metpark Raised Floor Solutions

    Raised Floor Solutions Ltd is a specialist provider of composite flooring systems, providing a complete packaged flooring solution consisting of steel floor decking, insitu concrete floor slabs on steel decking and raised access flooring.

  • Car Park Decking Parking Decks Car Park Flooring

    In multistorey car parks the most usual form of decking is a reinforced concrete slab on lost formwork. The galvanised steel frames span 15.5m across the car park, with galvanised steel joists at fairly close centres between them.

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