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  • Porch, Deck and Patio Ideas and How-Tos from Seven Trust's

    Find quality service, superior products and helpful advice for all your home improvement needs at Seven Trust's. Shop for appliances, paint, patio furniture, tools, flooring, hardware and more at Seven

  • Deck vs Patio: Pros and Cons of Each

    If your house is in dire need of some outdoor space, adding a patio or deck can increase your square foot without robbing your children of their college educations.

  • Deck vs. Patio: What's the Difference?

    The difference between a deck and patio A deck is an open outdoor porch or platform without a roof that extends from a house. On the other hand, a patio is a paved area situated directly on the ground, which can either be attached or detached from a house.

  • Deck Vs. Patio: Which Works Better? Angie's List

    A patio can usually hold more weight than a deck, so it might be your a better option. Then, of course, there's also the atmosphere you're trying to create. Decks tend to form a division from the natural world, whereas patios can flow naturally into your yard.

  • Deck vs. Patio: What Is Best for You? HuffPost Life

    While patios may be a large initial investment, a well-built patio can exceed 25 years with no maintenance, holding its value for the entire time. With no pests, rot, molds or natural elements that quickly breakdown stone, a patio will outlast any other outdoor useable space.

  • 2018 Deck vs. Patio Guide

    Unlike a deck or patio, which may attach to a building, a porch is a part of the homes structure. Deck. Pros: A deck could replace a porch, because you can build a deck right up to the front or back door. Cons: These usually do not offer protection from weather or pests, particularly floating or ground-level ones.

  • What's the Difference Between a Patio and a Deck?

    An outdoor kitchen can be located on a patio or deck. Both can accommodate fire pits, although a fire feature placed on a deck will need a fireproof material separating it from the wood deck, such as concrete, ceramic, porcelain, etc.

  • Which is cheaper: a deck or a patio? HowStuffWorks

    A deck or patio may require a permit if constructed within city limits. Buried gas, water and electric lines will need to be located and flagged, regardless of which structure you want to add. So, is a deck cheaper than a patio?

  • Patio or Deck

    This is a quite informative yet easy-to-understand article. Another thing to consider whether you opt for deck or patio or both in your yard, is to make sure to understand the construction as well as the maintenance costs of each one.

  • Putting in a Deck or Patio? HGTV

    Sometimes, local building codes or the terrain of the site dictates whether you build a deck or patio for your clients. In addition to code and topography consideration, builders often must assist clients in deciding if a deck or patio is what they want and need.

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