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  • Residential Spaces Acoustical Solutions

    We have sound barrier materials, isolation hardware and acoustical door seals to isolate a room, along with sound absorbing materials and panels of many sizes, shapes and colors to work with the design of your rooms.

  • Soundproofing an Apartment: Non-Invasive Fixes for Quieter

    The apartment is in a great location and was an amazing deal, and now I know why. The lofted bedroom is on the top floor of the building and sticks out of the top of the building when looking at the building from the roof.

  • Acoustic Panels, Sound Absorption Panels for Home or Office

    Acoustic Panels and Acoustic Baffles for Sound Absorption Stop noise from bouncing around your room. New England Soundproofing REVRB Acoustic Panels are designed to absorb the sound in your room so it won't bounce off the walls or hallways.

  • Soundproofing Your Apartment - The Myths and What You CAN Do

    Simple acoustic panels can offer a small amount of soundproofing, but alone they arent enough. You can line your walls top to bottom with standard acoustic panels and you are going to have a very quiet interior acoustic environment, but again, this wont prevent noise from entering your apartment in the first place.

  • Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Room or Apartment

    Acoustic panels are available as boards or fabrics that you hang on walls. While most types are designed to stop noise from bouncing off hard surfaces, others are very effective at blocking racket from entering through a door or window.

  • Soundproofing Apartment Wall - Acoustical Surfaces

    Soundproofing Apartment Wall. Posted by Ted W on 02/27/2009 8:54 am 13 Comments. Ted, The NEXT step would be to explore the option of hanging the BSC-T25 Acoustical Quilted Curtain panels over the entire wall. This is not a curtain in the traditional sense of the word. There is a hallway in my apartment. The right side

  • How To Soundproof An Apartment Acoustic Fields

    Working out how to soundproof an apartment sounds like a daunting task. It is not easy. Draperies can be used or open celled foam acoustic panels can be color coordinated into the decor of the room. Furniture can be placed at least the large cushion sixes for lower frequency control above 100 cycles.

  • 29 best Apartment Soundproofing images on Pinterest in

    Convoluted Acoustic Foam Panels are manufactured from acoustic grade polyurethane foam, in an egg crate design, which provides an increased surface area, giving you better sound absorption performance.

  • Acoustic Panels - Shop Products - Audimute

    Fabric Acoustic Panels Classic panels wrapped in your choice of customary, luxury, and designer acoustic fabrics for a finished look unique to your space. Acoustic Panel Kits

  • How to Soundproof a Noisy Apartment Audimute

    Acoustic Image and Fabric Panels are printed on high-resolution acoustical fabric that lets the colors naturally blend together for a clean and clear finish. Disguise your soundproofing treatments as custom photo prints or choose from our galleries filled with thousands of new images.

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