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  • Container ship: general structure, equipment and

    Container ship. 1. bridge castle front, 2. deck containers, 3. foremast and mast top, 4. forecastle, 5. insulated containers in holds, 6. container refrigeration ducts,

  • Maritime Journal Deck Equipment and Lifting Gear

    OceanLED to light up REV Ocean research ship 25/09/2018 OceanLED will supply specialised underwater lights for the REV Ocean a DNV GL polar class research vessel which when completed will be the largest privately-owned ship of its kind.

  • Deck Gear - Professional Mariner

    Deck cranes evolving to meet demands of a new maritime age. Deck cranes have come a long way from the jury-rigged, block-and-tackle affairs operated by man-powered capstans in the age of sail.

  • Boats for Beginners - Navy Ships

    The term "ships gear" is used to describe that gear and equipment aboard ship that is used for cargo transfer activities and deck operations. Ships gear can be divided into four categories: Standing rigging.

  • 02.Structure and Main Part of the Ship Deck Ship Ships

    the weather deck and the main deck may be one and the same.STRUCTURE AND MAIN PART OF THE SHIP NAMES OF DECKS The decks aboard ship are the same as the floors in a house. The main deck is the first continuous watertight deck that runs from the bow to the stern.

  • Understanding Steering Gear in Ships - Marine Insight

    Steering Gear integrated with the rudder system defines the complete turning mechanism mandatory for each and every ship irrespective of size, type and operation. Steering gears have been an indispensable part of the ships machinery since the advent of the very early ships, which were operated by hand.

  • Ship?s Deck Gear - Reliable Security Information

    Ship's Deck Gear. The term "ship's gear" is used to describe that gear and equipment aboard ship that is used for cargo transfer activities and deck operations.

  • Marine deck equipment Cranes, winches and deck equipment

    Marine deck equipment is important. Almost every ship needs a crane of some sort for taking provisions and stores aboard in addition tankers need cranes for handling hoses and some dry cargo ships need gear for loading and discharging cargoes.

  • Raven's Nest Class Gears of War FANDOM powered by Wikia

    For defenses the Raven's Nest Class ships were equipped with several mounted machine guns, which were positioned along the top deck and the control towers. Raven's Nest Classes also have contingents of Gears stationed there ready to defend the ship.

  • Abandon Ship Gears of War FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Abandon Ship is the second chapter of the first act of Gears of War 3. Walkthrough New Enemies: Lambent Leviathan A group of Stranded in the ship will ask you to help them deal with the Lambent that are preventing them from getting the Ravens out. Kill all Lambent on the way and raise the lifts

  • Deck equipment, Cargo handling,Other container lashing

    Find your other container lashing equipment easily amongst the 221 products from the leading brands Trelleborg Marine Systems, on NauticExpo, the boating and maritime industry specialist for your professional purchases.

  • THE SHIP-DEFINITIONS Historic Naval Ships Association

    On the gun-deck of a ship with flush spar-deck, or under the poop poop-cabin of a single-decked vessel or one having a poop in addition to a covered gun-deck. In the latter case the gun-deck cabin is usually occupied by a flag officer. Lockers in the channels for the storage of wash-deck gear. Chain-lockers. Receptacles for the chain

  • DECK GEAR - Antiques of the Sea

    Nautical and Marine Deck Gear shown in a Photo Catalog. DECK GEAR CLICK IMAGE TO SEE LARGER and/or MORE PHOTOS << Back Page 15 Next >> FABULOUS 9" SOLID BRASS POLISHED and LACQUERED SHIP'S WHEEL CENTER COVER - 2 FIXING HOLES. Embellish your present large ship's wheel Has 2 fixing holes presently, or add more to fit your purpose.

  • Cargo gear - Shipbuilding Picture Dictionary

    Cargo gear Union purchase rig 1.portal mast or portal derrick post , 2.cross tree or upper transverse beam , 3.derrick boom positioned over the hatch inboard boom , 4.derrick boom positioned outside the ship outboard boom , 5.derrick heel gooseneck fitting, 6.derrick head fitting, 7.cargo winches, 8.cargo runners or married falls , 9.cargo triangle plate, 10.cargo hook, 11.slings, 12

  • Deck Machinery and Steering Gear - Splash Maritime

    Deck Machinery. Steering Gear. Deck Machinery. Common items of deck machinery found on small vessels are the anchor windlass, winches and the crane or derrick. Anchor Windlass. The anchor windlass is used for handling anchor chain. It

  • General cargo ship deck machinery and cargo equipment

    General cargo ship deck machinery and cargo equipment It is essential that deck machinery should require minimum maintenance. Totally enclosed equipment with oil bath lubrication for gears and bearings is now standard but maintenance cannot be completely eliminated and routine checking and greasing should be carried out on a planned basis.

  • Cargo handling gears - Use of deck cranes - general cargo ship

    Generally, deck cranes of this type use the "Toplis' three-part reeving system for the hoist rope and the luffing ropes are rove between the jib head and the superstructure apex which gives them an approximately constant load, irrespective of the jib radius.

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